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During the 2020 confinement due to COVID-19, the legend of the electric bass, Leland Sklar, began to publish on his YouTube channel videos showing how he plays songs that, either he has recorded, either he has played live. I started transcribing these lines to keep myself busy and also because I wanted to study this bassist I already had in mind for a possible fourth volume of my BY HUMAN HAND collection.


I published and continue to publish all the scores that I am transcribing on Facebook. Thus, some publication came into the hands of Steve Bailey (another great of the instrument who now directs the bass department of the Berklee School of Music and who was my teacher there). He gave Lee some of my scores and finally Sklar himself contacted me to congratulate me on the work and for sharing it publicly. He tells it himself in this video :-)

My transcripts have helped many to start reading with the instrument since there are some very simple lines, but they have also been useful to professionals who have taken advantage of the more complex topics to improve or practice, even one person contacted me to tell me that the combination of videos and sheet music motivated him enough to return to playing bass after many years of leaving it. Other people have told me that they have discovered unknown artists through these videos.


Thus, something that began as almost pure entertainment has had more impact and significance than I could ever think and there is nothing that makes me more excited that my work serves people around the world to rediscover music, with the instrument and other colleagues to keep moving forward.


It has never been my goal to make money with these transcripts, so you can download the transcripts for free on my Facebook page and also from this page, by clicking on the button you have below. Even so, some Facebook users have wanted to thank my work with a donation so I have enabled a button for anyone who wants to contribute. It will be very welcome! Thank you very much in advance!




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