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I teach face -to- face and online classes on electric bass for all levels .


It is recommended that we have a first telephone conversation to start the first class with some specific objectives, to discuss the interests of the student and to propose the best approach and the subjects to be discussed during the classes.


The program to follow is always flexible and adapted to the wishes and needs of the student.


The class is usually divided into three parts . In the first , the exercises that have been worked on at home during the week are reviewed. In the second , new exercises are given for the next class, if the proposed objectives have been achieved, and in the third part, a bass line of a song proposed by the student is analyzed.



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Right hand and left hand technique, finger position, body posture, pulsation, learning the notes on the neck, basic fundamentals of harmony. Introduction to scales and development of the rhythmic sense and articulation. Creating bass lines within various styles

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Enhancement of the technique, introduction to improvisation, transcription and analysis of bass lines. Deepening of the knowledge of the scales, complete mastery of the neck.



Advanced improvisation techniques, language development, use of alternative scales, study of complex rhythms and metrics

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