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Transcribing has always been part of my work as a musician, either as a student, transcribing solos and bass lines, making scores for singer-songwriters who want to register their songs, or working for a publishing house. It is in this line that the BY HUMAN HAND book collection was born .


These books are much more than transcription books; they are study books. In them you will find not only the written line of the song, but also an analysis of the resources that the bass player uses to build his part, as well as exercises developed from the most interesting bars of the song, with the intention of both assimilate the bass player's own language and providing resources for the development of your own.

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El bajista es Pino Palladino tocando con John Mayer.

El disco es "Where the light is: live in los Angeles"

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El bajista es Tony Levin tocando con Peter Gabriel. El disco es
"Secret world tour".

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El bajista es Nathan East tocando con Eric Clapton.

El disco es "Slowhand at 70's".


BY HUMAN HAND vindicates things made by hand , the hand of the artist, the hand of man, and the detachment from the digital world. That is why I have chosen live DVD recordings , since in the studio it is easy to manipulate a take with any of the digital recording resources that currently exist.


The scores have been hand-calligraphied with a straight-tip pen . The texts have been written on a typewriter from the 1950s . This achieves an imperfect aesthetic that makes music beautiful to see, even before being played, and eliminates the coldness of professional digital sheet music editing.


The vindication of the artistic is also the reason why in volumes II and III include original illustrations. All with the idea of giving value to the book itself, beyond the information it contains, to counteract a little the idea of these times, that only what is important deserves attention and details can be ignored.


The "BY HUMAN HAND" collection is only available on paper.

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